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Twitterでの反応 Adobe moves into web analytics with $1.8 billion Omniture takeover

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO
“In addition, the inability to effectively monetise media on the web is a pain point we hear about frequently from customers, especially in the advertising media and entertainment industries. That's why we are excited today to announce our intent to acquire Omniture. Omniture is the largest provider of Web analytics and online business optimisation solutions. Their online marketing suite is a critical tool for today's online marketers and chief marketing officers (CMO).”

Josh James, CEO of Omniture
“By joining forces with Adobe, we will accelerate that vision by improving our ability to integrate measurement into the front end of the content creation process and optimise the user experience for websites, applications, advertising, mobile, video, and other emerging digital media. The bottom line: this improves content engagement, advertising effectiveness, and the overall user experience, driving the acceleration of ad dollars from offline to online." Adobe's Analytical Move

The idea, as Senior Vice President Paul Weiskopf told Forbes, is to offer customers the tools necessary to optimize the Web content they create. A site owner could use Adobe's original software to build a flash animation, for instance, and then use Omniture's service to track the number of clicks the animation received in real time.

WebAnalyticsDemystified Thoughts on Adobe + Omniture

I also agree that this acquisition is likely not the last ― both WebTrends and Coremetrics are owned by investors and you know how those guys are. His citation of Microsoft and Oracle is interesting given both companies historical interest in the sector Webtrends encouraged by Adobe's purchase of Omniture

Forrester Blog Adobe Flexes Its Online Muscle and Acquires Omniture

Measurement becomes embedded within Interactive media.
Web content management solutions have a new challenger.
Advertising and onsite measurement potentially share a roof.
Adobe gains a recurring revenue stream.

Marketing Pilgrim Adobe’s Analysis of Omniture: Pass the Cigars, It’s a Buy!

Did Adobe just bring on another struggling service which could be in decline (because of the evil Google empire)? Google Analytics has been making serious in roads into the web analytics market over the years and the whole free thing helps make the service pretty enticing for sure.

SemAngel Adobe buys Omniture : What are they thinking?

Adobe has long owned the design space, but they are just starting to seriously penetrate the development space and with these two disciplines merging, it seems like it's an open playing field.

CMS Wire Adobe Picks Up Omniture: What it Means

Adobe's combination of Flash + Flash Light + AIR applications makes for an enormous number of rich applications that likely need more and better analytics capabilities. Omniture working on the inside would certainly have a lot of field to play in, and the combination would help Adobe compete against Microsoft Silverlight on the Rich Internet Application side, and Qualcomm, Sun and Apple on the mobile device side.